Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheese and Random Ferments!

Drum roll, Please!!!! Today we are rolling out a new blog...Cheese and Random Ferments. After The Summer of a Thousand Cheeses was published last June, we thought our cheese journey would be essentially complete. Wrong!

We keep meeting new cheesemakers, finding new cheesemongers, trying new cheeses, learning new ways that America's cheese revolution is contributing to, and building on, new food attitudes among Americans. Until it is time for a second edition of the book, or a new book, we are sharing these people, places, and discoveries on Cheese and Random Ferments.

What fun it has been to get started. We are eager to hear your reactions to the posts...and to the design (colors, text size, placement of links, tone of voice) of the blog.

As it turns out there are some stories fermenting in our lives that are not about cheese. Those are the "random ferments" referred to in the blog's title. We love them too, and so have given them their own sub-blog called Random Ferments. It is easy to link from any of our four blogs to the others. Comments are more than welcome, they are eagerly sought!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seafood Festival 2010 in Cedar Key

Pam and James came for Seafood Festival and the weekend. Great fun. We went to the Neptune Bar for the live music Friday and sang along with "We Love This Bar," the favorite of the audience. We helped set up the tent for the Friends of the Refuges booth and volunteered there for a bit. We bought cool craft offerings from the vendors.We hiked the Dennis Creek Trail and took a Tidewater Tour to the Suwannee River. Best of all, we sat on the breezeway and enjoyed the beautiful evening weather and good company.

Celebrating with Aunt Pat

I had a wonderful visit with Aunt Pat for her 90th birthday celebration. She and I and Carol hung out in Dallas for a few days, then rode with Karen and Vic to Ellen's in Austin for a super party, featuring Trent's brisket (cooked outdoors for 12 hours), and a groaning board of other delightful foods, plus 16mm movies in the backyard after dark.

Aunt Pat, Ellen and Trent, and Karen and Vic's son Tony (in his party hat) are in the photo below. At he bottom is a photo of the a part of the back yard in its party attire.