Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Save Our Schoolhouse

Another word or two about Star Lake's 2012 Save Our Schoolhouse fun run. We participated again this year.

 And we were able to add to our collection of trophies.

One thing was different this year. They had another nice commemorative tee shirt.

But this time our name was on the back.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visitors Today

When I got back from yoga today, these three fellows were in our front garden. They scooted over to the neighbors when I drove in, but then posed when I approached with my camera in hand.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Scene along the powerline, yesterday 8/20/12

We found 4.75 inches in the rain gauge when we returned from the Adirondacks. Then this morning there was an additional 1.7 inches. It's raining now, with 2-4 or 3-5 inches expected, depending on which forecast one believes.

The predicted wet weather didn't keep us from our training walk, but we were forced to break out the ponchos for the final two miles.

San Felasco City Park, today 8/21/2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hiking, Swimming, Jamming, Hanging with Friends

 This is the camp where we stay in Star Lake.
 The Star Lake cell tower disguised as a pine tree. It doesn't work yet.

The lake where I swim...and sometimes Jake, and his friend the frog, wade.
 Some friends we hang with.
Phyllis and high school friend Chuck Stevens
A crowded, noisy, fun reunion at the Fire House
Don, Ed, and Jewel's Star Lake house concert!
Family time
We survived the race and went hiking the next day
We visited Meg and her Cheese to You shop in pretty Lexington, VA
Cousin Charlene's birthday cake surprise
It was a hot day to hike up to Cathedral Hill

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Winners, Pies, Bear Mountain, and Lake Time

Having been spectators in the Poker Run on Saturday, our opportunity to be winners came at the Save Our Schoolhouse 5k on Sunday. We grabbed the ring. Each of us beat our time from last year. That would have been good enough, but in addition, Pam and James came in 1st and 4th in their age groups. And, Russ and I each got 2nd place in ours. 
ready to go
waiting to start
Our Friend Stretching
Since we burned all those calories with such healthy exertion, we then went to the Pie Social, where we ate hot dogs and homemade pie with ice cream and hot fudge.

Pie Social
Yesterday we hiked about 4 miles on Bear Mountain.
met these girls and dogs on the way up the mountain to the overview
 Today…Lake time...hanging out with our friends!

 Gotta love this place.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Summer Saturday in Star Lake

What do you do in a tiny hamlet on a summer Saturday? Sleep late. Walk 4 miles around the lake. Visit some of the 50 houses participating in the Great Summer Garage Sale. And…be part of the Star Lake Protective Association’s Pirate Poker Run!
A special feature of Star Lake is that many of the camps have motorized docks. For the Poker Run, you invite your friends, motor out to the big sand bar, pay your $5 (member) or $10 (guest) and pick up your numbered list of camps to visit to get your cards.
 One of the camps that was giving out cards was on our bay of the lake so we decided to sit in the shade at the waterfront and let the show come to us. 
 After a couple of hours of floating around to the various houses, all the docks gather at the sand bar and party together while the organizers compare hands to see who won. We went to the party.