Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Packing for Star Lake

Tomorrow is the day to pack for our Star Lake trip. Can't wait to get there.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Deer in the Yard

I think the deer are hanging in the yard and cul-de-sac to avoid all the mosquitoes in the woods. Jake seems to think they are boring.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We are not still painting the bathroom

Our postponed hike on the Way of St James would be long finished by now. Instead, the master bathroom rehab is almost finished and we are still looking forward to our hike. Not too bad an outcome, given how awful we felt when we had to cancel.

It took several weeks to get my renewed passport. Now I have 10 years leeway, instead of fewer than 90 days. I'll bet the European Union will let me in now!

The bathroom turned out very much to our liking. We still need to replace the counter top and sinks, but that will come in due time.
And, with part of what we saved by doing so much ourselves, we bought a new mattress and springs. The old one no longer owed us anything.

Between painting sessions, we did some paddling with the Friends of the Lower Suwannee & Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges.

Having done all the planning for the hike in France, we found ourselves feeling almost as if we'd already done it, even though we hadn't. So we think we'll pick a different route for the September hike. When it is settled, we'll post some more about it. But we change our minds so often, we don't dare post yet.

Our next adventures are another paddling event...this time in the town of Suwannee, where the Suwannee River meets the Gulf of Mexico...and our annual trip to Star Lake for a couple of weeks. This year, we will use the time there to get in additional hill training for the hike...and cool weather training! Looking forward to spending time with Meg and Steve on the way up to the North Country and having days on the lake with Pam and James, and maybe Meg.