Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally, A Place for Every Night

We have a place to stay every night! The final two confirmations came through.

It was a pretty cool morning and we walked in the neighborhood, with packs. Only one person, whom I know from yoga class, stopped and asked what we were doing with the packs. But more than a few gave us puzzled smiles as they drove by. And the mailman figured it out…training for a long walk, eh?

We walked the first loop with Jake, and dropped him off before setting out for the second loop. At the end of the 6.5 miles, we were both more tired than we felt we ought to be. And my backpack was squeaking again.

I took it back to Brasington’s. Another clerk, Ruth, was really helpful. She installed the women’s style hip belt that I thought had been ordered when I was there last time. It is much better for me. It rides higher on the small of my back and tilts as it comes around to the front so that it is lower on my hipbones. The men’s style that I had does not tilt. I had to let it ride high on my stomach to get the back where it felt good…or below the comfortable place on my back to get it below the soft part of my belly. I think the women’s style is going to be a big improvement. Thank you Ruth! She also suggested that the only way to get rid of the squeak will be to take the pack apart and insert a piece of cloth between the frame and the back padding. I can do that and will give it a try.

We leave three weeks from today!

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