Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyond the Adirondack Crescent

Last Tuesday, Russ and I did a presentation about our cheese project for Prime Time, a program at Santa Fe College here in Gainesville. About 25 people attended. We talked about how we decided to start researching "The New American Cheese", what we have done so far...our visits to museums, cheese conferences, cheese festivals, cheese farmsteaders. We were a bit surprised by how much we have already learned, and how some it was quite different from what we had expected. For example, we have yet to meet anyone who went into the cheese business because they loved cheese...but several have did because they loved the animals. And...who would guess that you could carve the skyline of Chicago out of cheese?

We ended the presentation with a sampling of six American artisan cheeses. That may have been the part that made us a hit and got us asked to do another presentation in the spring...that time about our Camino experience.

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