Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

We thought we’d go to Washington for the Inauguration. We bought tickets to take the Virginia Rail Express from Fredericksburg, near Pam’s house, to Union Station. Knowing that we would not be able to be close enough to see the swearing in platform, we figured that just being there with all the other Americans would be the real experience anyway. Meg, Pam and James, and Russ and I all planned to go.

But as the time drew closer and it became clear that the temperature would be far below Florida standards, we reconsidered. In the end, we chose to be able to see the ceremony and hear the Inaugural address, over being there to swell the crowd.

Russ and I went to a gathering here in Gainesville to watch with a mini-crowd. But the feed was via the web, and the site went down at the critical point. So, having had a great potluck lunch, we joined all the others in rushing home to watch on TV. We didn’t stop watching all day. No regrets. What a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

I was checking your blog every day to see if you would post something about your trip. I was glad to see the update.