Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Monday, April 20, 2009

Planning our Route

We missed an opportunity this morning. It rained hard, but too briefly. We had just returned from Cedar Key…

(Where, by the way, we had a beautiful, breezy, sunny afternoon yesterday volunteering at the Friends of the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge booth at the Cedar Key Arts Festival, followed by a great couple of hours of beer, wine, and conversation with some of the other volunteers…)

and we didn’t get into our hiking gear in time, before the storminess ended. We still need to test our rain gear in real weather. Maybe The Universe is telling us that we will have a dry month for our walk this year, unlike last year’s very rainy, muddy one.

We have been pouring over the guidebooks and websites, thinking about how far we may want to walk each day and which of the many recommended albergues we’d like to stay in, if we have our choice. There are lots of types of places to stay along the route. Three categories frame the choices: (1) small hotels, when the route occasionally passes through a big town (2) casas rurales, which are akin to boarding houses (3) albergues, which are akin to hostels. Advice abounds on the web and in books about which ones have ambiance, clean bathrooms, more than 100 or fewer than 6 people in each room, lively dining rooms, lounges, bars, etc..

We are posting a map that shows the part of the route we are thinking of walking our first week, with possible towns to stay in. Of course, we’ll go farther or less far depending on how we feel each day, the weather, and lots of other factors as yet unseen. The photos enlarge if they are double-clicked.

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