Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Sunday, July 28, 2019

First Full Day at the Lake, Friends Arrive, Macbeth in Wanakena

We had a good night's rest out on the sleeping porch. 65 degrees. Moonlight. Breezes. Loons calling.

We took our first walk around the lake, taking special notice of the beautiful flowers. The trips up and down the Millhopper last week helped my flat-lander legs not be too exhausted after 5 miles. We went to the Great American Market to stock up the pantry. Lo and behold, other summer people beat us to the supplies . . . no bottled water, none . . . one type of crackers, Keebler flavored pita chips . . . ha! Love that people buy them out at this time of year. We want the store to stay open and buying them out is bound to help them do so!
Stela swam for a while. I kayaked my first little bit, trying to not over exercise my shoulders the first day out.

Libby and Roger, from Cedar Key, arrived about 6:00. Relaxation, Russ' oven-roasted chicken-and-potatoes with kalamata olives, and lots of time to watch the rafts float by.

Sunday, we took Libby and Roger for a 3-mile walk along the South Shore Road in Wanakena, had some lake-time with Stela, kayaked a bit, and then went back to Wanakena for a live performance in the town square of Macbeth presented by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts Summer Theater Festival.
We followed that up with Russ' baked macaronada for dinner back at the camp on the waterfront, with sangria Libby and Roger brought. Life is good at the lake.

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