Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Friday, August 15, 2008

Arriving in the Adirondacks

On Thursday August 7, we arrived in the Adirondacks at 4:10 P.M. after 22 hours and 40 minutes of driving, with a wonderfully refreshing overnight at Pam’s in the middle. Jake slept most of the way. We had pretty good driving weather and conditions in general, but it is still a very long trip.

We had a nice warm welcome from our friend Pat and her brother Don. This is our 6th visit here in 7 years. Star Lake has captured us, which is a good thing because today we awoke to a cool and rainy day. We drove to Cranberry Lake to check email at the library, but the satellite downlink wasn’t quite strong enough in the rain. So along with dozens of other camp (the word Adirondackers use for cabin) dwellers and tent campers, we just shot the breeze for a while and gave up on connectivity. There is something quaint about a place where you really cannot get on the internet.

Until this year we also really could not get cell phone connectivity. This year we can sometimes get one little green bar, when it isn’t raining, if we stand at the far end of the camp’s driveway, right near the Lake Rd. As far as we know that spot and another one near the school are the only places in the vicinity where one can get even a hint of a signal. Great! It makes texting possible, and occasionally voice mail too. We even got a brief call through to Pam. Progress… although now we cannot claim to be totally off the phone/email grid while we are here. Our isolation is a bit less splendid, and that is a bit of a psychological loss.

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