Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Star Lake

Labor Day Weekend has brought a mini-crowd back to Star Lake for an end of summer get together. We had dinner at the Twin Lakes Hotel Friday night with 8 friends and at the Windfall Restaurant on Saturday night with 18!

Windfall is a crossroads three miles off Route 3 with a handful of houses. It is named for a huge blowdown of trees cut by a tornado in 1845. At Windfall is a chef-owned restaurant, by the same name, featuring local foods…to the degree possible in this region where the growing season is really, really short. It is at the crossroads of the Tooley Pond Road, with its six waterfall hikes in 12 unpaved miles, and the road to Newton Falls, where the paper mill that was closed for years recently reopened...despite which, the town continues to look quite ghosty. The place seems an unlikely location for a successful restaurant, proving that reality can beat likeliness in the Adirondacks.

In the bar, folks played darts and a jam session was getting started. A frosty mug of Stella or IPA cost $2.25. Better yet, we got “premium mystery beer” for $1. The first two bottles were a Red Stripe and a lemonade-flavored beer (not quite as bad as it sounds, sort of like a wheat beer.) The next round included Sam Adams and Yuengling. Good food too. Go chef!

To counterbalance the beer and food, we have been hiking. Here are some pictures from along the Oswegatchie River trail between Inlet and Wanakena, and on the Old Wanakena Road to the Big Fill.

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