Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New Book Project

Our first couple of weeks, we focused much of the time on research and background information for Russ' potential "revisit" to his best selling Gem of the Adirondacks. The book project gave us an opportunity to meet several new people and to have interesting long conversations with folks about how they see the future of the community.

We went to community meetings to get a sense of shared goals and concerns.
 We talked to lots of people
Russ interviewing the Craigs on their dock during the Poker Paddle
The weather got a bit windy during the interview
Time out to help a paddler land the kayak
 A few times, I arrived at my interviews by kayak. This is a tough assignment.
 Other times I walked arrive on foot and had a hard time concentrating on our conversations with the water and wildlife distracting me.

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