Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Renting a New Camp

our rented camp
From Meg and Steve's, it was a full 10 hours of driving to Star Lake. As Cousin Mary Dadey reminded us, the family always called a trip to the Adirondacks "going to the woods."

the woods as seen from our porch - note the lake, down through the trees
Because we arrived in July this summer, we couldn't stay with our friend Pat at her camp because her family comes in July. So we rented a very comfortable VRBO camp with an easy-to-clean gas stove in the kitchen and even a dish washer!  We have electric in our home kitchen and it was nice to be back cooking with gas. The camp's porch included two bentwood rockers that I would have liked to steal; they were that comfy. There was an electric keyboard, that we didn't use. A dulcimer, that we didn't even touch! And a half-finished puzzle, that we finished and left them with a 1/4 finished replacement --- with even more pieces.
Russ in the kitchen
Peg in the dining room
the loft bedroom, the main one was downstairs
the loft
Pam by the porch
the porch and sleeping porch

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