Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Yellowstone in Winter, Day 4

Monday was COLD and WINDY. The temperatures were in single digits and the wind was more than 20mph much of the morning. We spent the morning drawing and chatting in the lobby-loft. We had decided to go cross country skiing in the afternoon, but all decided the weather was more than we wanted to fight, especially since none of us had ever tried cross country skiing before.

Naturally, the weather lightened up just as the group was leaving to ski. We donned our multiple layers and ventured out to walk the big loop of trails beyond Old Faithful. We stayed out of the way of the snowmobilers and passed the closed-by-the government-shutdown Visitors Center. That was enough of the cold for me and headed back to prop my feet up and enjoy the lobby loft. Pam and James walked for a couple of hours, turning back when the wind was blowing the snow over the path and obliterating the edges so they could not be sure where to step. Yikes.

The rest of the afternoon lent itself wonderfully to drawing and chatting with folks in the lobby and lounge.
Dodging the snowmobiles on the trail

Closed Visitor Center

Thinking about drawing in the afternoon.
Views from the lobby windows in the morning.

The sign seems unnecessary :)
I thought snow shoes still looked like tennis racquets. Not so.
There is a free ice skating rink in front of the Lodge. Free skates and helmets are provided. The staff kept it shoveled and it was lighted at night. We saw one family out there. It was our entertainment to watch them one evening with the twinkle lights on them.
Another view of the windows on this snowy, blowy morning . . . before and after Pam and James joined my coffee corner.
Pam's afternoon's work
Peg's two afternoons of work

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