Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Yellowstone in Winter, the rest of Day 5

On our final afternoon at Snow Lodge, we took a Snow Coach trip that was supposed to be for wildlife viewing but was more for viewing scenery. We did see bison, coyotes, and trumpeter swans. Others were impressed by eagles and by osprey nests, but they are so abundant in Cedar Key that we preferred the bison herds. We drove along the Madison River, where the snowmobiler went off the trail that afternoon and ended on a helicopter ride to the hospital after having to be rescued from the River by guides and by rangers working for no pay during the government shutdown. Happily, we did not see that happen and only heard about it from folks back at the Lodge that evening. The scenery was spectacular all day.

These big tires have less than 10 pounds of air in them. It is a safe and bumpy ride :)

Sun was setting as we returned to the Lodge.

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