Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday in the Burren National Park

After Wednesday's 9:00 breakfast feast, we took a leisurely stroll around town while planning our afternoon visit to the Burren. This National Park is also right in Doolin's backyard. We could have walked to one of its five trails. but the park is almost 250 square kilometers and we wanted to see more of it than we could walk. So, we hired Jonathan to tour us through for an afternoon.

This large area of Ireland, including the Aran Islands, is limestone rock. The wild flowers are abundant and the vistas are as spectacular as they are stark. Having a local guide meant we got lots of down home stories and visits to lesser known spots that tour buses cannot negotiate.
Tried a new pub, McGann's after the Burren. More great food. Chowder, stew, fish fry, brown bread, Guinness

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