Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Monday, August 8, 2016

An Afternoon at the Star Lake Sandbar and New Economic Activity

On the Lake :

Lenny and Linda loaned us their motorized floating dock on Monday and off we went to the sandbar for the afternoon until it was time to go tour the old Benson Mine.

Back at Pam and James' Camp 
Stela started sniffing the air, then the floor, then out the windows, and finally she spotted it! A moose busted in !

New Rocks from Old: 

Huge and promising new activity is underway at the mine site, with a contractor using waste rock from old mining activities to produce cost-effective aggregates from discarded rocks extracted from the earth decades ago by miners searching for ore-bearing rocks.

Front-end loader and crusher turn waste rock into aggregates of various sizes.

Mastermind George Persson (third from left in the photo below) has shepherded the project from concept to reality. The soundness of his vision is clear from the activities underway, and the commercial value of the activity and its contribution to the community will only increase in the months ahead when rail transport allows aggregates to be transported nationwide.

George Persson explains benefits of the new project to several of many visitors to the site.

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