Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cousins Reunion for the Halls

The 3 Hall cousins . . . Charlene, Russ, and Phyllis . . .  got together on Thursday at the Pine Cone Grill in Wanakena for their annual reunion. Otis and I got to come too.

Charlene's caregiver, Laurie, is an old friend of ours now after having been one of Charlene's crew for more than a decade. A newcomer, Nicole, was with her and we had a grand time, thanks to the great hospitality of the Pine Cone Grill folks.

As always, Charlene was full of jokes about the staff at United Helpers and about her lunch . . . "Are you getting full Charlene? I'm so full, I'm flowing over!"

Later in the day, Phyllis and Otis came over to meet Stela and see our camp.
Charlene and Laurie, with Nicole in the background. Otis and Stela.
Opening Birthday presents. The books of "find the hidden words" were the biggest hit.
Russ, Phyllis, Otis, Peg, Charlene
Almost time to open. Charlene brought another resident, Lonnie, from United Helpers for the event.
Gifts get set aside for the chocolate-peanutbutter birthday pie

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