Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wanakena Day, Clifton Fine Reunion, a Walk Around the Lake, and a Rainy Day

Wanakena is a charming town with a year-round population of fewer than 75. For more than a100 years there was a pedestrian bridge in Wanakena across the Oswegatchie River, until an ice jam took it out a couple years ago. The towns folk have raised the money through bake sales and grants to rebuild. Saturday was Wanakena Bridge Day and we went for the homemade pie auction. Pies went for close to $100 each. There was also Bossie Bingo. Cows plopped to selected the numbers. We resisted playing.

We first returned to Star Lake in 2001 to celebrate with his classmates the 40th anniversary of their high school graduation. They were the largest class ever, at 50. We have been coming ever since. The reunion was this weekend. Many of the classmates were there too.

Otherwise, since Ismini and Arnold left on Thursday and Pam and James on Saturday, we have been enjoying the camp and its yard, walking around the lake each day, teaching Stela to doggy paddle, enjoying Anita's great pie and ice cream with her and George, Annette and Sherm, and just chillin' out, soaking up the cool beauty.
Stela thinks the stairs are fun going up and scary coming down
Around the lake!

Not quite trained to "come" yet
Not sure her doggy paddle is quite up to swimming after that duck.

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