Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Friday, August 5, 2016

Lexington VA to Star Lake NY -- 11.5 hours Ugh!

We left the lovely Lazy Acres at 7:00 in light rain. Hated to go. We had such fun hanging with Meg and Steve for the evening on the deck, overlooking the farm. I definitely want to go back there.

Stela camped out for the first time. We put her crate on the deck for the night. She slept like a good baby. She actually wasn't sure she wanted to come out when we went to get her in the morning.
Stela's campsite in the background
VA had heavy truck traffic. WV and MD were a bit better. As always, traffic eased and scenery was lovely on I-81 in the south west part of PA.
Light traffic, pretty scenery
And, as usual there was road construction in northern PA near Hazelton and Scranton.Three times we halted dead still. A 10-hour trip became and 11.5 hour trip. Bummer!

The fun part was that Pam and James caught up to us and we play leap frog along the way, texting often. James' daughter Tonya and her family were coming to Star Lake and they were in the mix of texting and leap frogging. They had the best apps for missing the traffic halts. I'm getting those apps from her!

Our camp is a rather more primitive than we expected. We walked into the kitchen. The floor was sub-flooring. The walls have no sheetrock or paneling. The water isn't potable; it is lake water. Well, okay, we have plenty of beer! 
Not so bad, once you are used to it

The dining room and living room pleased us . . . classic old Adirondacks.
 Then we walked out onto the porch. Wow! what a view. And later, what a sunset.
The 3 bedrooms are on the top floor. Two have doors onto a deck above the porch. It isn't a place you probably sit, but having the doors open so the Adirondack air blows over your bed . . . nice! Last year we slept on a sleeping porch; this is close. And we are at tree-top height because the camp is at the top of a hill, with the lake below us.  
On the down side . . . the stairs to the bedroom level are narrow and winding. Sort of like climbing the tree to get the tree-top ambiance of the bedroom.
And then there is the bathroom, which is on the main level. If you are down at the lake and hiking up to it, thank goodness it is not up with the bedrooms. But in the night, bummer to climb down those stairs to it. One way or the other, no good solution to that placement :)

Pam and James spent the night because their camp isn't available until Saturday. Tonya, Eric, and the boys stayed in Watertown where they could have a good TV to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

After the initial shock of the kitchen, the place grew on us quickly. The porch is heavenly. We ate our camp dinner . . . hot dogs, and cheese from Meg and Steve . . . drank our beer, and clicked into lake-time.

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