Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Arnold and Ismini Visit

Friends since summer 1968! Arnold and Ismini came over from New Hampshire to share our modest camp. We had dinner at Pam and James' camp with them, Tanya, Erik, Nathan and Ryan. Pizza and burgers. We went to Wanakena and walked to the Ranger School.  We spent lots of "lake time" on our waterfront teaching Stela to chase sticks and balls and to practice her doggy paddle. We toured the Tooley Pond Road and hiked in to two of the several waterfalls. 
On the hike to Copper Falls
Is that real copper in those rocks?
Peg and Arnold lookin' good
Stela heading for the mud
Enjoying the woods together

Through the ferns toward Rainbow Falls
Tempting to follow suit, but we resisted
Maybe some skinny-dipping would have been in order if the climb down to the water hadn't been too scary
Stopped for lunch in Cranberry Lake later and Stela tried to make a new friend
At the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, enjoying the new Wild Walk
This spider web is high above the tree tops on the Wild Walk

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