Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Not a Quaint Fishing Village; A National Park Too Nice to Leave

At breakfast at the Wilson Lake Inn, a man from New Brunswick told us to be sure and visit the quaint fishing village St Andrews by the Sea on our way to the Fundy National Park. Okay! A recommendation from a local, yes!

We left Maine behind and arrived in Canada. The guard at the border allowed us in after we showed that we had passports, so the US would take us back, and we assured him that we had no weapons, even bear spray. I thought he asked about hair spray, which made him laugh.

We jumped off the main highway to  head to the quaint village. After 30 minutes, we arrived at a town that was more jammed with people than St. Augustine during a festival. And it was only about as big as Cedar Key! It took both of us to navigate our way through the main drag without running over someone. I kept wanting to take a photo, but didn't dare stop focusing on helping avoid the pedestrians. I guess if you were staying there, didn't have to drive, and wanted primarily to eat and shop at the gift stores, it might feel quaint. We prefer Cedar Key's kind of quaint.

A bit worse for the wear, we headed back without a photo or a stop to the highway. We arrived in Fundy National Park about 4:00 AST and settled into our hotel. It was a perfectly retro seaside kind of place. Ahhhh. We had a lovely suite with a living room, bath, and king bed. We missed our double-on-the-sleeping porch only briefly.

Walking through the town of Alma, which is sort of part of the Park, we found the Holy Whale Brewery in a former church and settle in for a craft beer and some scotch bonnet pickled eggs. We need to expand our recipe collection for pickled eggs. These were fantastic!

We had lobster for dinner and watched the full moon rise over the water later from our picture-windowed room. We were planning to leave in the morning for Nova Scotia, but the Fundy Park had captured us and we decided to stay another day, if we could get a room.
Harbor at low tide
Holy Whale Brewery

Our room on the harbor
Enjoying the Holy Whale
View from our room
Our first hotel in Alma

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