Adventures beyond time

Adventures beyond time

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Walk Around the Lake, Erratic Rock Hunt, Sunset

Russ, Stela, and Peg took their first walk around the lake today. It is usually a regular activity, but activities have not been in short supply this week so this was the first of this visit. It is a 4-mile walk that brings you past the smallest hospital in New York State, three mountains - Baldy, Bear, and Maple - the SOS Adirondack Exhibit Center, the K-12 school, the Great American Supermarket, the Twin Lakes Hotel and Restaurant, Todd's Hardware Store, the Nice N Easy everything store, all the camps where we have stayed in all the summers we have been coming, and the house where Russ lived. Nostalgia in four miles!

Peg, Ryan, Nathan, Hailey,He read that for a long time scientists thought they washed downstream in times of heavy ice melts. Now it is thought they had been rolled up into glaciers and moved with them. When the glaciers melted they were deposited far from "home territory".  Since Star Lake is glacier formed, we went on a rock hunt. First we found bedrock, but then we hit pay-rock, so to speak.

Back at camp, Ryan thought perhaps the big rock around which they dock is built could be another erratic. Russ concurred. Budding scientist, that Ryan.
Nathan capturing the zen of the bedrock
Nathan and Hailey examine the erratic rock while Ryan sits back and savors the find
Erratic rock being appreciated
Sunset at Halls' camp

Looking down from the Scruggs camp to their dock area
Bedrock conquerors

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